About Us

We are a group of artists (Aaron Gallery), 4 of us stick together, trying to spread our ideas of art to the world via etsy and lnart.net(Aaron Gallery)

Aaron Lin, me, designer and owner of the shop, I spend the most of time on customer service and communications, pre and after sales, shop promote in oversea market. I designed and painted the most minimalist art in this shop.

I have 4 teammates, Biao, Dao, Leo and Jackson.

Biao, he joined us in the middle of 2015, I really like to spend time with him when creating new pieces, he is full of ideas, and try all the best to make things perfect, this is also the hard part when we work together, because he always change everything after we just create a new pieces, and we have to start it over and paint by his new ideas. This is why I hate him, and it's also why I love him, he is a difficult person.

Dao, a self-taught artist, paints abstract and landscape, He was an engineer before 2008, decided to be a full-time painter since then, that's a big courage, quited a high-paid job to start something new as a career, it's a big risk too, anyway, he did it, and he is doing so great now.

Leo, paints palette knife painting, very creative, he is very serious person, not funny :-( don't talk too much, stay in the studio all the time and fall in love with colors like crazy. He is good, but he is bored, LOL :-)

Jackson, join us in June of 2016, father of a twins, family guy, very talkative. His career started at 8, can you imagine a little boy tried to sell his master pieces to neighbors? LOL, that was lovely! He always want to become a great artist, I think he already is.

Each artist in our team is talented in certain subjects or technics, we create, we recreate, paint every single piece of art carelfully, slowly, we expand our business by reputation.

My painting in a customer's home

My painting in a customer's home 2

My painting in a customer's home 3